Trip Brewery Ferdinand Benešov

The brewery operates with minor alterations to this day, but of more importance is the fact that the brewery is a wholly Czech joint-stock company, with no foreign participation, and we maintain our local tradition.The brewery manufactures around 50,000 hectolitres of beer per year. It produces a total of five different types of beer, from alcohol free to special beer.

The production of beer is based on the original recipe for beer brewing with Czech malt of the brewery own production and Žatec hops using conventional open bottom fermentation and secondary fermentation in lagering cellars. In no way the brewery uses modern methods for the production of beer, in particular CK tanks, nor do they subsequently dilute beer with water in order to reach the desired strength. In 2006 the dark lager won first place in the contest Czech Beer Seal, and the lager Blonde Premium won third place at the same tasting competition.
In the same year there was another success in the Dočesná contest in Žatec. The blonde draught lager won first place, lager Blonde Premium came in second.

Treat yourself to the taste and freshness of Ferdinand beer, which is characteristic for its golden colour, brilliant clarity, strong bite, fullness of flavour, intense bitterness and high head.

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