Trip Grand Walk de Lux

Certainly we will not leave behind the jewels of Prague, we´ll take the „classical“ route through the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral.After enjoying enchanting wiews from the Castle area we´ll explore Nerudova Street – famous for its house signs, home of poets, we´ll admire the St. Nicolas Church and of course, without INFANT JESUS of Prague the walk would not be complete!

Important part of the culture is cuisine, we ll relax around the table – suitable siesta for your questions – communism time is always Nr. 1 from our longterm experience. From little squares of Lesser Town, where you can still feel the noble atmosphere we´ll proceed to the Charles Bridge and finaly board on stylish end of 19th century boat with charming staff, hear the legends and curious events, which accompanied the construction of the bridge…

Price includes: 3 hours walk + lunch + rivercruise + free Ghost Tour

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Prague Currently