Trip Jánské lázně

The city is a famous ski resort in winter and all year round is well known for its hot springs.

The discovery of the hot springs is dated back to 1006 and is well written in the Trutnov chronicle. The hot spring got its name after its discoverer Jan from Chockov, therefore Januv. The first bath house was probably built in the 16th century, however, the real development of the resort started a century later.  In 1920 a new hot spring analysis were undertaken, which discovered that the water has similar texture as water in Warm Springs in Georgia (USA), which specializes in curing poliomelithidis in children. This method has been practiced in Janske lazne since 1935, which brought the town worldwide success and fame.

Today the hot springs are used for the  treatment of central nervous system, motor and respiratory systems and   for curing high degree burns.

The Neo-Renaissance colonnade and the large park and forest café offer a wide range of possibilities for spending of your free time.  In summer there are ideal conditions for walking and cycling in winter for skiing.

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