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The town was named after its  founder Vincent Priessnitz. His philosophy was the return of the modern human to the nature, in short “follow the nature”.

As a small child Vincenct saw a deer bathing his injured leg in the pond, which healed with time. Later, when seriously injured, he used the therapeutic effects of the water again with success. The news about his rapid recovery was quickly spread and from 1822 his house served as the first hydrotherapic establishment.  Later, it was replaced by a brick building, a typical sanatorium, which was recognized as a spa in 1831.

The therapeutic powers of the oral spa and the unique climate help with the treatment of the airways, problems with blood circulation and the nervous system. The spa is also often visited by people without any serious problems just to escape from everyday stress.  The surrounding area offers great conditions for walking and cycling, in winter for skiing.

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