Trip Karlštejn

 It is inherently connected with Charles IV., the castle’s founder, the Czech king and the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire whose name it also bores. Karlštejn was built between 1348-1355. Originally, it should have become a the kings´ relaxation place. However, during its construction, it was decided to build a castle where royal treasury, relics and Imperial Crown Jewels will be kept. The era of Karlštejn had ended during the Hussite wars. Czech monarchs never used the castle after this period as much as they did earlier. It was rebuilt in the Renaissance style under the rule of Rudolf II. In the 19th century the historical value of Karlštejn was finally fully appreciated. In 1877 extensive and expensive reconstruction had started and lasted for 22 years. During this reconstruction Karlstejn got its today’s appearance. In 1910 the castle was first opened to the public. The Great Tower with the Holy Rood Chapel dominates to the castle. This Chapel has, no doubt, the most fascinating interior. Its ceiling is decorated with gold and gemstones which provide an idea of a starry sky with the Moon, the Sun and the 5 planets known at that time. The Chapel is also decorated with 129 tabular paintings picturing bishops, popes and saints. On the wall niche above the altar the relics and Imperial Crown Jewels were saved. Other castle’s interiors are also worth seeing, e.g. the Ancestor’s Hall with the greatest gallery of Czech emperors’ portraits or the Chapel of St Nicholas.

General info about conducted tour and opening hours:

1st path: interiors of the Imperial palace and the lower floors of the Marian tower, 60 minutes

2nd path: passes through the Marian and Great towers and offers visit to the Church of Our Lady, Chapel of St. Catharine, former Sacristy, suspension wooden bridge, museum of lapidary, castle\'s picture gallery, library with exposition of the last reconstruction of the castle as well as the Holy Cross Chapel, 110 minutes (it is necessary to book this tour in advance)

Winter exceptions, opening hours

from 1. 1. till 10.1. and 27. 2. till 14. 11.

weekends 20., 21., 27., 28., November,

4.,5.,11.,12.,18., and 19., December

from 25. 12. till 31. 12. 2010 (24. 12. closed) and from 1.1. 2011 - 9. 1. 2011.

Castle is also open on Monday 5. 4. 2010 (Easter) and closedn 6.4. 2010

Second path with the Chapel is open from 1. 6. 2010 till 31. 10. 2010.
January   9:00  -    3:00   open daily from  1.1. to10.1.2010
February   9:00 -  3:00    open daily only Sut and Sun 27. and  28.2.2010
March     9:00 - 3:00   open daily except Mondays, exceptions above
April      9:00  -  4:00  open daily except Mondays
May     9:00  -   5:00    open daily except Mondays
June     9:00 -    5 :00   open daily except Mondays
July   9:00 -  6:00    open daily except Mondays, exceptions above
Srpen     9:00  - 6 :00    open daily except Mondays
September     9:00 - 5 :00    open daily except Mondays
October     9:00 - 4:00   open daily except Mondays
November  9:00 -  3 :00    oopen daily except Mondays from 1.11. till 14.11.2010 Open on weekends  20.,21.,27. and 28.November
Prosinec     9:00  -  3 :00    Open on weekends 4., 5., 11.,12.,18. a 19. December
open daily except Mondays from 25.12. till 31.12.2010, closed  24.12. 2010

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