Trip Konstantinovy lázně

 It is the only spa town in the Pilsen region.

The first information about the mineral spring dates back to the 16th century. Due to the high concentration of sulphide the spring used to be called “Stinker”. The first bathhouse was built in 1812, based on recommendations of a doctor from the Tepla monastery, to use the spring for medical purposes.  However, the operation of the spa was too expensive for the town, therefore it was sold to prince Konstantin Lӧvenstein, whose name it bears until today.

Konstatinovy Lazne specializes in the heart and blood vessel treatment as well as the locomotive apparatus. Recently, they also specialize on prevention of those diseases.

In the surrounding area can be found more than 400 km marked cycling tracks and plenty of possibilities for walking or recently popular Nordic Walking.  The salt cave is situated in the main spa building Prusík.

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