Trip Lednice castle

At first the manor was in possession of House of Sirotci, but they weren´t skilled in handling so they lost their ownership quite fast. Lichtensteins got rich when they seized fortune of noblemen executed at Staroměstské Square after the battle at Bílá hora. Lichtensteinś fortune greatened, thanks to their skills in business
activities and soon they gathered enough to build the unique castle. Bold plans of wealthy aristocratic families were crossed by French revolution. Panic-stricken aristocracy turned to dreamery and so it reflected in architecture. Family mansions were build to look medieval. This tendency is evident in all buildings of „Europian garden“. Lednice castle got its appearance in 1846 -1858. It was build-up, at that time, very modern English (so called Winsdor) Gothic.

At the end of World War 2 and following communistic nationalization a big part of original equipment suffered greatly. Lichtensteins took everything they could in 1943. The most beautiful portraits, valuable pieces of furniture, jewel boxes and trimmings ended far in Lichtenstein. Fortunately they didn´t take along massive furniture, cut up stairs or pull down wallpapers. Due to it we can admire amazing staircase, carved from one piece of wood as well as original Chinese wallpapers decorated with motives of flowers, birds and Chinese people, that we can find on walls of Chinese cabinet.

You can hardly believe, that you marvel at a summer mansion. Aristocracy used this monstrous fairy-taleish building just as a cottage. They came here in early spring , but for winter they returned to central site in Valtice. Despite of it, they had built in heating, luxury bathrooms, bedrooms, dinning rooms and ballrooms. Lichtensteins were proud of their numerous art
collections and they displayed their trophies from Africa and Asia wherever it was possible. The Prayer tower became a cellar for oriental articles, the best items were placed in display cases of African and Chinese room. In 1996, Lednice has been enlisted in national heritage UNESCO, so it became worlds legacy.
So, if your dream-house is an amazing villa with a garden or you long for an easy life, full of wandering in nature, delicious banquets, or you just want more free time so few servant would be handy- don´t go to Lednice. You would die with envy.

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