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There is a castle which is the dominating feature of the town. There, according to some historians, the Czech King "George From Podebrady" was born in 1420. His peace efforts far surpassed the following centuries. A small spa was already established there in 17th century and its spring was concidered as the best ferious water. The most significant period in modern history was in 1905. A spring of mineral water was discovered when searching for drinking water in the courtyard of the castle. The first spa season began as the mineral water, with an excellent medical force in the carbonic spa, brought the predicted "golden age" of the town in 1908.

The town Podebrady has become a favourite summer resort thanks to the succesful health-results, eventful cultural, social and sports life and the beautiful natural setting. This is the place where you can get your health back and make it stronger by a preventive treatment combinated with pleasant relaxation. Come to find out about all that by yourself

A new stock company "Spa Podebrady" was appointed the 1st of May in 1922 which, after 44 years, followed the tradicion of the successful stock company of the "First Republic".

At present, the spa has about 600 beds in spa houses for patients and about 110 beds for rent. Apart from native patients there is a hire interest of foreign visitors in coming to Podebrady. They especially come from Germany, Arabian and Russian speaking countries.

The Spa Podebrady spreads out in lowlands along the river Elbe and is only 50 km far from Prague, nearby the highway E67. The climate is dry and warm with the town's relatively low elevation (185 m above sea) There is a chance of the climate change from mild wet to continental.

The spa centre is created by greenery of the parks. These parks have a calming effect on the nervous system and releases from stress. The quiet and romantic environment is ideal not only for the patients but also for recreation that offers a range of sports activities such as: tennis, golf, horse-riding, swimming, volleyball, basketball, football, cycling, surfing, sports shooting, fishing.

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