Trip Prague Castle – st. Vitus Cathedral

Not by chance this place was chosen by 2 Emperors of Holy Roman Empire and was even in plans of Adolf Hitler...
After a short tram ride to Royal Garden we\'ll introduce dynasties chronologically, they created and influenced the development of Prague, Czech lands and Europe. Inside the Cathedral – the place of coronations and burial site of statesmen you\'ll learn about its mysteries and builders. We\'ll not forget to show you the hidden spots as \"spheres of fate\", over the 3 courtyards tell exciting stories of kings and presidents (incl. Václav Havel).

We\'ll end up in the famous Golden Lane – as the legend has it, the home of alchemists, visit the exhibition of old weapons and clothes. After this walk you can hang up around the Castle area or walk down with us.

Price includes: Tram ride to the Castle, interior of St. Vitus Cathedral, Royal Gardens, Royal Palace


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