Trip Rückl Crystal

The firm has extended its range by constructing new processing capacities those being sandblasting, gilding and hand painting technologies. Likewise it has expanded its usual range of packaging and special representative packaging in line with our customers’ wishes.

The company was chosen for the production and supply of official state gifts due to the very high quality of its products and services.

It is possible to walk around the firm’s glassworks in Nižbor near Beroun where you can see all stages of how the glass is made.

The firm is a member of the ICF (International Crystal Federation). It has 175 employees and its main export destinations are: USA, Countries of the Near and Middle East, Japan, Singapore and Russia.

In 2007 the firm realised the project “Innovation in Designing and Cutting Glass Smelt Aggregate”. This project was co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development and the Czech Ministry for Trade and Industry in the framework of the Operational programme for industry and business (OPPP).

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